Shri Kailash Chand Ji Modi

I unfold the massive touch of privilege to extend my delightful emotions to all our dear parents for supporting us thoroughout with their priceless time as well as blessings. There is neither this world, nor the world beyond. Nor happiness for the one who doubts. With the sacred sayings of the Almighty I blow up my enthusiasm while saying that the whole universe lies in within a specific flaw of growth.

The seedlings of The Shanti Niketan was sprouted under the tender perception of growth and excellence with a difference to realize the onset of development which actually lies in educating the society through the distribution of elite as well as global education in an ethical way. The purity of this vision led our way and brought the access to enter into the 9 th Annual Day Ceremony.

We are the TSN family where education is not mere transfer of information but it is a duty bound task where values are delivered, Indian culture is nurtured, global concern is activated and humanity is stimulated. Our efforts keep trying to achieve the manifestation of perfection truly made by a teacher and a parent. Our academic milieu, which promotes the acknowledgement of oneness such as our prayer is pronounced in Sanskrit in its beginning and meets its closing with English recitation; which declares that we cultivate the real mixture of coordination and global education.

These worthwhile inter linking patterns are making us liable, responsible, and accountable with the claim to say that we follow the standard which holds the best micro and macro curriculum of CBSE to give us a unique place apart from the others. We set examples with the perfection of tasks and disclosure of outcomes.

Academia, Knowledge, Realization, Principles, Etiquettes, Morals and Morales are being polished under the perfect assurance of faithfulness.

Due to this communicative relation The Shanti Niketan family gets the pride to introduce many scholarship programmes in order to make the education more approachable along with promoting girl child education and under privileged section academic reformation additionally.

The worth of the virtue of education speaks when all the curtains of darkness, confinement, prejudices and shrinkage are drawn away from us; and we are able to see, feel and enjoy the open Sky of Liberty where we have Wings of Fire, we have influence of past we have hopes for future and moreover we have love of eternity with his kind blessings.

May this remain forever!
Jai Hind