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Our Infrastructure

Class Rooms

All the classrooms of the school are spacious, air-conditioned, airy and atmosphere friendly.


The school provides e-learning to be global to make the concepts more clear in an interesting way as the children learn more effictively through audio - visual class in spite of monotonous black and while text books. E-learning classes gives them opportunity to interact with the peer group as well as with the teacher in an informal environment which boosts their confidence and they feel ready to strive with difficult situations of life. The content and concepts of the subjects also retain for longer time.


The discovery room is equipped with the equipments needed. Teachers and students of pre primary and primary classes enjoy the freedom to observe experiment, analyses and create? Children have a terrific time during “Truth of Science” segment. With guidance from the staff they discuss and exchange different approaches to conduct practical classes, adopt experimental modes of learning and occasionally enjoy lighter moments during practical science sessions.


Laboratories are the work stations for students wherein they gain hands on experiences. The school has four major laboratories:


Students are welcomed to the formal training of music and singing. The school has a trained choir group and an orchestra of its own, trained by the versatile faculty of Music. We strongly believe that apart from nurturing the talent, Hindustani music is an ideal catalyst for children to be firmly rooted to our culture and heritage whereas the western music has the segments of jazz and rock! Keeping pace with contemporary times and taste, music classes are a huge source of joy and enthusiasm for our students.


The Dance studio of the school is well furnished with mirror wall and great music system. Students learn varied styles of dance of the country. Distinctive traditional dances as Indian classical dances, which might have origin in religious activities of distant past. Folk dances are numerous in number and style which students enjoy the most. They learn from the ‘mudras’ of Bharatnatyam to ‘todey’ of Kathak and Bihu, Bhangra and Ghoomar with the trained faculties. They also learn hip-hop, popping, contemporary and lyrical dances which trains them to be global-citizen.


Freedom of expression and indulgence in simple pleasures are important elements of child’s personality traits. Art classes enthuse children to explore their creativity and powers of expression. More importantly children thoroughly enjoy and learn teamwork and peer interaction during these sessions.

This is the favourite leisure time of students where they are out of their boring and monotonous text books and can show their hidden talent. Art class at one hand gives an opportunity to learn and at another hand nurtures the creativity and let them bloom the way they want in their lives.

The Art studio gives them an opportunity to learn from pencil sketch, to canvas painting through pen sketching, charcoal drawing, fabric painting, water colouring and n number of mediums to work with.


Theatre is an exclusive feature of The Shanti Niketan School. We have included theatre/drama classes in the main curriculum of the school which none of the school in city has done. This is because we believe that through theatre creativity can be developed . Going to theatre class teaches the students about people, places and ideas to which many of them would not otherwise be exposed. Learning in a theatrical setting makes it a fun. Theatre is a laboratory in which we study the problems that our society confronts. Theatre gives self empowerment, as power relationships are constructed through performances. It also helps to understand people from cultures other than our own in addition it teaches the body language, many a times history is revived through Theatre. It gives an opportunity to introspect ourselves, the best medium of self expression and consequently makes the children better human beings.



We celebrate Children’s Day, 14th of November as Annual Sports Day and there apart from TSNites, that senior TSNites (the parents) also live their childhood once again. TSN believes in global education so, here we serve western as well as traditional games also.