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House System

The school follows the House System following the CBSE instructions. All the children from classes Nursery to X are been allotted different houses which gives them respectable recognition in the school. All the students participate in different academic, cultural, sports competitions representing their houses. The winners of different houses get the marks according to their winning positions. For securing First Position they get 50marks, for Second Position they get 30marks and for Third Position its 20marks. Simultaneously the different defaulters of uniform, with behavioural problems etc, 5marks are been deducted for each student. The school has following four houses which are been named according to the epitomes of their respective fields.


The well known Mathematician covered arithmetic, algebra, plane trigonometry, spherical trigonometry, fractions, quadratic equations, sum-of-power series, table of science and in astronomical calculations. He covered a geocentric model of the solar system, solar and lunar eclipses, the system of sidereal rotation which in English is units of time, heliocentric model of calculation of planets orbits and sun, motion of the solar systems, place value system and zero, approximation of pie in the year 476.

TSN believes in "Knowledge is Power" but till the time knowledge is not changed in wisdom it is useless. Following the foot prints of ARYABHATTA TSNites should be able to touch the limitless sky of knowledge turned into wisdom.


Named on the great and powerful archer and charioteer EKLAVYA the famous character from the epic Mahabharat inspires the TSNites for sacrifice and dedication to their teachers. The life sketch of the character makes us learn that you may get hurt by the rejection of life. But your belief in yourself, dedication, self study, regular practice and concentration makes the impossible things happen in your life. It also gives the strength to fight against the cast system in education.


The extensive musical legend who was a classical music composer, musician and vocalist also an instrumentalist who popularized and improved the plucked rabab was originally a Hindu child named Ramtanu son of a wealthy poet and accomplished musician who a temple priest in Varanasi Pt. Mukund Pandey. He was among the nine jewels at the court of Mughal Emperor Jalal-ud-din Akbar who gave him the title Mian Tansen an honorific, meaning learned man. Metamorphosis of the child Ramtanu into Mian Tansen teaches TSNites to get changed according to circumstances and to be grateful to your masters.


The much celebrated poet in Sanskrit literature VALMIKI was a highway robber named Ratnakar, who used to rob people and kill them in his early days. The robber meditated for many years, so much so that ant-hills grew around his body. Later he wrote Ramayan and been revered as Adi Kavi, the first poet. His story tells TSNites that with determination and devotion we can bring the aspired change within ourselves.