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Posted On : 16-Feb-2021 Posted By : Admin Jhalamand

Since the chilling air of winter has changed into soothing cold breeze, here comes the spring season known as Basant, one of the six Indian seasons.

The Shanti Niketan on 16 Feb 2021, celebrated the day to worship Goddess Saraswati, the symbol of knowledge and wisdom.

 The first day of spring started with the echo of Sarawati Vandana, as our offline batch of classes 6-12 recited the saraswati vandana in respective classes,followed by the puja in the school.

Before starting the live classes of the day, A special session of Saraswati Pujan was organised where the kids came together via google meet, dressed up in bright yellow attire, The teachers explained the importance of Goddess Saraswati to the kids and how worshipping the diety brings us wisdom and knowledge.